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This is the web page of Team Sailing Fast Bulgaria.


We are members of yacht-club 'Cpt Georgi Georgiev' Port Varna, Bulgaria, established in 1973. Present name of the club is one of its founders members, cpt. G.Georgiev, who was the first Bulgarian who raced solo circumnavigation in 1976/77. 


Most of team members are involved professionally in marine and shipping industry being ship owners, agents, shipbrokers and yachting appears logical appendage.  


Since 2003 when our team was shaped we are racing mainly monotype keel boat Conrad 760, designed by Peterson, toner world champion in 1976, and built in Poland. The boat is well known as' Peterson 25R' and there are about 30 hulls in Bulgaria. This makes these boats the most popular racing class with corresponding competition and fun to race.


From the beginning we hired two boats for each season 2003/5 and in 2006 decided to buy our own, namely ‘K Star’, which was better option than fitting and tuning in racing condition a new boat each season.






Standard dimensions of this quarter toner are:


- LOA                    : 7.64 m

- Beam                  : 2.44 m

- Draft                   : 1.56 m

- Sail area              : 27.5 m2

- Spinaker              : 35-40 м2

- Displacement       : 1400-1500 kg

- Crew                   : 3 to 5 persons

Annually there are seven to nine racing events nearly each fortnight all over Bulgarian seacoast, which keep us busy during the season, as well as give us perfect opportunities to promote our sponsors.


The web site is active and provides news and information about sailing events, both local and international. Additionally here can be found photos and links to internet sailing pages. Same are mainly related to yacht racing, including international regattas, designers, sail makers, boat builders, photographers and sale-purchase companies. Links are constantly updated.


Hope you will enjoy – share your opinion or contact us.


Email team.sailing.fast@gmail.com



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